for English speakers

If you are looking for help with texts from your German partners, look no further, because here I am!

The Awful German Language

Translation from German into English is not a 1:1 task. There are a lot of concepts that are perfectly clear for German speakers that make no sense or have no correlation for an English speaker. Moreover, dictionaries are sometimes just plain wrong. And finally, there is an important difference between speaking a language and really understanding not just the words but the culture that lies behind the words. This is where I come in.

I hold a Ph.D. in German, so I really know the language. But I have also lived and worked in Germany, and not just as a German scholar. My background is as much in sales and marketing as it is in literature and linguistics. I have also worked in numerous industries and have translated for many others. So whether it’s housewares or camshaft milling machines, I do understand what it’s about and what you need to convey. And I understand that your bottom line depends upon the success of your marketing.

If you have texts that have already been translated into English but seem awkward — if your marketing materials, case studies, or product info are technically correct but don’t read right — call me. I specialize in translating not just the literal meaning, but also the true sense of German communication. Because it’s really about the message as much as the words.

My hourly rate for editing and revising is reasonable and my turnaround time is quick. If I’m not sure what you need, I will ask, and I will make sure your message is conveyed, and that it has the effect you intend.

Call or email me. Let’s make your message clear and effective. I look forward to working with you.

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